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Hangry for Sex

Dr. Kimber Austin is a podcaster, human sexuality life coach, and author on human sexuality research. Dr. Kimber works with diverse populations and therapeutic interventions like biofeedback. She hosts the podcast “Sip and Sex” and provides sex coaching online via telehealth.

"Hangry for Sex"...?

Yes! It’s a thing! Just like when you get deprived of food and you get “hangry”, being deprived of physical intimacy can make you hangry…

hangry for sex!


We all know the condition that Sigmund Freud called “Hysteria”. Symptoms include insomnia, anxiety and emotional outburst that that are extremely
exaggerated…sound familiar? And what was the cure? A vibrator. In Freudian days, it was thought to be a condition that only plagued women, but men get hangry for sex too. They get angry and irritable just like women.

In Hangry for Sex , I’m going to inform you of the benefits of sex as well as the problems both mentally and physically of not getting enough sex. I will also discuss how we get into the predicament of not having our needs met and most importantly, what do we can do about it!

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